Financial crimes in Turkey prevention experts, professional knowledge, skills, financial crimes, and as the development of experience with well over money laundering detection and prevention, continues CAMS® certification process that will allow them to create and maintain a culture of compliance.


Founded in 2001, the Prevention of Money Laundering Certified Professionals Association (ACAMS), and if the Istanbul Finance Institute, established in 2010, have become common to give the CAMS Certification in Turkey.
İFE® is an institution that serves to contribute to the development and development of human resources in international competencies through professional financial education in the field of finance with its financial literacy mission.
ACAMS is the leading membership organization for professionals in the field of money laundering. The mission of ACAMS is to develop the professional knowledge, skills and experience of people dedicated to the detection and prevention of money laundering and other financial crimes worldwide, to advanced standards.
CAMS® is an internationally accepted exam that performs rigorous testing for money laundering detection, prevention and enforcement, and ability and expertise. Each person who passes the exam becomes a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert (CAMS ®), who is designated as an authority in the field of AML.


  • It shows that your institution has expert knowledge in AML.
  • CAMS is considered as a measure of AML certificates by supervisory, regulatory agencies and financial services providers.
  • It can help your organization minimize the Money Laundering transaction risk.
  • The CAMS Certificate allows your colleagues to share and maintain common AML information.
  • It upgrades your employees’ skills. Continuing education provided during the certification exam preparation process and beyond ensures that your employees’ skills and knowledge remain up to date.
  • Having a CAMS certified team brings tremendous reliability to your AML program, thereby creating a positive impact in the eyes of regulatory and supervisory agencies.
  • CAMS Certificate increases professional values ​​through better understanding of financial crime detection and prevention techniques.
    They have expert knowledge to protect your institution from money laundering threats and minimize financial crime risks.

The CAMS exam requires extensive preparation. But we are there to help you every step of the way. Our certificate preparation programs give you everything you need to prepare for the exams.
CAMS e-learning online course is a self-paced learning option. The online training course provides you with:

  • Join in your free time, on travel, at home, at work.
  • Listen to the course in sections and go back and review it if necessary.
  • Log in from your office or home.

CAMS classroom trainings and trainings provided by CAMS instructors will provide an effective preparation for the exam. İFE will strengthen your preparation for CAMS exam with in-class trainings.

How to Get Started

  1. Send your request to
  2. Create your application with the forms to be sent to your category.
  3. Submit your payment, application form and requested documents.
  4. After receiving the payment and documentation, we will provide you with access to the ACAMS LMS, where you will find all your preparation materials along with the CAMS eLearning course.
  5. After your application is approved, make your preparations for the exam you will take at the exam centers (Istanbul-Ankara-Izmir) to be determined at any time by using the Exam Entry Code given to you. (Your exam code will be valid for 6 months and you need to take the exam at the end of the sixth month)

CAMS Compliance Requirements and ACAMS Membership Take the CAMS Exam
Candidates who wish to take the CAMS Exam must have at least 40 pre-qualifying credits based on education, other professional documentation and professional experience in the field of anti-money laundering, in addition to providing 3 references.
The table below shows the ACAMS credit system for exam eligibility.


Associate degree 10 credit
License 20 credit
Master / Doctorate / or Equivalent
(The supporting documents must match the information provided.)
30 credit
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (Every year, anti-money laundering unit (Compliance / Risk Management)
or full-time experience in related tasks at a financial institution. Professional experience is limited to 3 years.)
10 credit/ year
/ AML, FINRA Series, etc.
10 credit/ certificate
ACCA Membership (Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant) ACCA 30 credit
SEMINAR / COURSE (Participation in a related course / seminar / webinar / conference / training and / or training session on anti-money laundering and / or related issues per hour 1 credit
Total Credit (at least 40 credit mandatory)

The CAMS exam consists of 120 multiple choice and multiple choice questions and the exam duration is 3.5 hours. 75 of 120 questions must be answered correctly. (62.5% pass success). There is no risk of guessing all the questions as there is no wrong / true ratio.


Private Institutions Public institutions
Ex. TAX İnc. TAX Ex. TAX İnc. TAX
CAMS Exam Fee-Training and Study Materials $1.695,00 $2.000,10 $1.295,00 $1.528,10
ACAMS Membership (1 Year) $295,00 $348,10 $195,00 $230,10
TOTAL $1.990,00 $2.348,20 $1.490,00 $1.758,20
Virtual Classroom Education $190,00 $224,20 $190,00 $224,20
Total Cost (USD) $2.180,00 $2.572,40 $1.680,00 $1.982,40

Payments can be made in TL equivalent to the TCMB Exchange Rate.