IFE Istanbul Institute of Finance

İFE Istanbul Institute of Finance was established in 2010 with the aim of
contributing to the training of a qualified and internationally competent
professional manpower trained in the field of finance.

It also works on financial literacy, Istanbul International Finance Center project, development and spreading of financial products for the development of financial markets.

IFE, It is the only specialized institution in this field with its international certificate programs and training at all levels on the prevention of AML Anti-
Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing.

IFE has become an international BRAND with its participants from different
countries as well as hosting Turkey’s largest institutions in its portfolio with the trainings it provides in Turkish and English.

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IFE Istanbul Institute of Finance

IFE offers a wide range of training programs that covers all levels from basic financial informations to high level finance programs with open training seminars for public.

Our national and international certificate programs and Financial Expert Supporting programs, contributes to develop financial professionals for international finance.

The courses are given by professionals on their field with academic rigor and also combines in-depth understanding of business and financial life.

IFE understands requirements of financial market as it’s a part of it.

finance work

Why IFE?

IFE does not offer any training activities other than Finance and related fields. This puts us in a privileged position to provide the best service in our field by enabling us to focus on our subject.

Our experience in financial education and our certificate programs will make you privileged by enabling you to advance in your career.

Our training seminars go beyond simple lessons; Our trainers offer more than corporate training with their experience. Our lessons are organized interactively with case studies.

If you are looking to take your career to the next step, increase your current skills and expand your personal knowledge base, IFE can help you achieve
these goals.